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weekly creations​

One night a week, I close the door,  have a cup of tea and draw or paint. It is my time of joy and rejuvenation. 

each subject is from a picture I've taken 

and each creation is more unique than the last 



2022 and my ambition for

less environmental impact and more meaning for everyone 


Where to find me


My paintings are available for sale at:

The Salty Sailor


Jan 2024

Art exhibition

Gibsons Chiropractor


lorena ruth 

Meet The Artist

As a lucky resident of the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada, since 2008, I treasure setting aside time to sketch and paint and reconnect with nature. 

I created my first sketch in 1983 and have since studied art theory, history and education in places like Victoria, Vancouver and Montreal. My creativity has moved from painting exhibitions to interior design and then to baking. As my family and friends are now successfully all plumped up, I’m returning to my first love -art.

I’m excited to share my work again with the hope that others will gain a moment of the tranquility that I found while creating them.  

drawing to painting

  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
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